Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'd follow you anywhere

Over 20 years ago I met a boy.  He was cute and fun and flirty and a little unsure of himself.  He made me smile on a daily basis, he was an instant friend and with a little more flirting on his part he quickly became the love of my life.  Funny how long ago that seems and at the same time it seems like yesterday.  He has traded in his floppy long hair for a handsome short professional haircut.  He has traded in his Olive Garden tie for a nice suit or two.  He has traded in nights at Poor Richards for drinks at home with me.  We understand each other with no words (most of the time).  We have endless inside jokes.  We have a nearly 16 year marriage full of life and love and learning.  We have a life that we have built together, full of decisions we made together for better or worse.   I'd follow him anywhere.  I'd follow him to the ends of the earth.  Where he is is home for me.  And at least for now that is here!

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