Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'd follow you anywhere

Over 20 years ago I met a boy.  He was cute and fun and flirty and a little unsure of himself.  He made me smile on a daily basis, he was an instant friend and with a little more flirting on his part he quickly became the love of my life.  Funny how long ago that seems and at the same time it seems like yesterday.  He has traded in his floppy long hair for a handsome short professional haircut.  He has traded in his Olive Garden tie for a nice suit or two.  He has traded in nights at Poor Richards for drinks at home with me.  We understand each other with no words (most of the time).  We have endless inside jokes.  We have a nearly 16 year marriage full of life and love and learning.  We have a life that we have built together, full of decisions we made together for better or worse.   I'd follow him anywhere.  I'd follow him to the ends of the earth.  Where he is is home for me.  And at least for now that is here!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tinsley Times: What makes you special?

Tinsley Times: What makes you special?: I'm feeling the need to record a little history.  I asked my sweet Joel what made him special.  My exact question was "What is yo...

What makes you special?

I'm feeling the need to record a little history.  I asked my sweet Joel what made him special.  My exact question was "What is your favorite thing about you?"  His response surprised me.  My boy is good at everything he tries.  He makes honor roll.  He is athletic.  Kids gravitate to him, he is friend to all.  He never wants anyone to feel left out so he includes everyone.  He LOVES being a big brother so much that he plays big brother to my friend's children.  He loves to help and work, whether it is cooking or hauling logs.  All that aside he is a little Adonis!  Have you seen this perfectly sculpted 7 year old?  And don't forget the dimple, that one dimple that is so perfect.  The dimple that he wasn't born with but is actually a scar from one of his many adventures!  I could go on but I imagine at this point even my closest friends are thinking 'yea yea yea Mary Lynn, we get it Joel is awesome...whatever!'  

Joel's favorite shirt!
So to the point, the answer!  He responded after almost no thought "my blonde hair!  None of my friends have blonde hair like me, it's like gold.  Look at how shiny it is when I run!  And it's long like Ross Lynch and I can swoosh it!"  Get it, he loves his hair!  When we talked about haircuts I thought he would have a panic attack.  I told him he is old enough to decide what he wants and he can tell his stylist.  Yes I just said stylist in reference to the person that cuts his hair because when you start to have an option about how your hair looks, you have a stylist!  

I wondered why this is what he picked.  Then I decided that picking anything else would be like bragging on himself and that just isn't Joel's style.  He had no control over the color of his hair, it just is.  Oh this boy, how I love all the things about him that just are!  His sweet soul, his out going nature that is a little shy at first.  His ability to fit in with everyone!  I even love his DRAMA when his favorite shirt can't be found.

So now the question to you is, what makes you special?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is this the last time?

Last night was like any normal night at the Tinsley house.  Yesterday was full of homework, snacks, football and soccer games, trophy night, quick dinner of fast food, showers, bedtime tucks, and sleep.  At least once a week Jensen wakes up in the middle of the night.  "Momma, can I sleep with you for a little bit?"  The answer is always yes, he sleeps in our bed for 10 minutes or so and then I carry him back to his room and tuck him into his own bed.

About once a week Joel comes to me after a few hours of sleep.  "Momma, my legs hurt can you rub them for a minute?"  Again the answer is always yes.  I go to his room and rub his legs and give him the few minutes of special attention that he needs until he falls asleep again.  For which I am almost always rewarded with a "Momma, I love you."

Every night when I am tucking my boys in Jackson's ritual is the same, we talk about 3 things, any 3 things he wants and they are never the same.  We talk about our day and about football.  Sometimes he asks about mutual funds (that is when I call his Daddy in).  He talks about college and growing up.  He talks about friends, new and old.  One thing is always the same when we have talked about our 3 things and I get up to leave he calls to me "No Momma please don't go!"  And always I go back for one last kiss and he is ready for sleep.

Last night as I got up to rub Joel's legs Jason said something that hadn't occurred to me "This could be the last time he asks."  It could be!  Last night could have been the last time the Joel would wake up and just need a little time with Momma.  Tonight when I get up to leave Jackson might just say Goodnight and let me go.  Jensen might never hop into my bed at 4am because I am "warm and snuggly".  They get bigger everyday and I love watching them grow.  So for now I will just have to enjoy it when they need me and when they let me hold them and when they want a few moments of uninterrupted time with me because who knows when I might do it for the last time!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He's 5!

Five years, I cannot believe it!  It passed like blinking an eye.  He has grown and matured and changed and yet he has remained my baby and is the same now as we was the moment I met him.  He is a Momma's boy through and through but has come to the age when he wants Daddy to take him to his soccer games.  He runs and rides and wrestles with his brothers as hard and fast as he can but still comes crying to me if he feels his is being treated unfairly or if his feelings get even a little hurt.  He looks up to his big brothers while almost looking one of them in the eye.  He is so big and yet still so little!  My heart swells with love and pride.  I can't contain it!  I want to scream from the mountain tops "THAT'S MY BOY!!!"  That gorgeous, intelligent, loving, self-confident, precocious, bundle of energy is mine.  Thank you Jensen for all you bring to our lives,  Thank you for completing our family!  I wish you would slow down and not grow up so fast but I know you won't, guess I will just hold on and enjoy the ride for as long as you are mine.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Queen of the (under construction) castle!

Oh no, not UDS!!!!!
So the saga continues!  Paint is on the walls (mostly).  Flooring has been ordered (mostly).  Baseboards are going up.  Built-in-eye-sore cabinets are being removed (from the wall at least).  How does it look?  I have no idea!  I still can't see the vision!  I can pick out the 100's of little things that need to be done but I can't do them until the big things are done!   My house has a bad case of what we in the Tinsley house like to call UDS (that's ugly door syndrome for those of you that don't know).  The light fixtures are straight out of 1990, which is weird because the house was built in 2007.  All these things will be changed in time even if that time isn't today.   But I guess progress is progress and my Mom and Dad come to town today!

Before any progress is made!  Stay tuned!
Yay, the cabinets are gone (almost)!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spoiled Brat!

Here it is!  A picture of my new home, or at least it will be this time next week!  It is lovely, it's a brick home, larger than the one I left, it has a huge yard, it is a cul-de-sac, LOTS of kids, super nice neighborhood, close to town.  It is everything I ever wanted!  And yet I still manage to be less than thrilled!  I am in a wonderful new town where people are nice and friendly.  Everyone is so welcoming and yet I still sleep till 9:30 or 10 everyday because I am sad.

I can make this home everything I want.  I get to pick new floors and new paint colors and new appliances and new light fixtures.  That should be fun!  It is daunting!  It is overwhelming!  What if I make the wrong choice?????  I have never been so indecisive in my life!  Why is this so difficult?  Maybe because I am taking 3 BOYS with me, that have NOOOOOO interest in flooring, or light fixtures, or sinks, or appliances, or paint!

I promise to keep you posted on the progress of the house and post pictures along the way!  Oh and the whole point of this post isn't that I don't like my new home, the point of this post is.....